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Unmuddled is unbelievably uncomplicated, simply mix with spirits.

Unmuddled, premium cocktail mixers
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Mix smarter not harder

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Unmuddled is here to help demystify the world of mixology. We bring bar-quality cocktails to every home bar, making it easier than ever to elevate any moment.

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A flavor for every moment

With a splash of real juice and no artificial sweeteners, Unmuddled’s non-alcoholic premium mixers transports you to your favorite time and place, from the comfort of your own home.

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Bringing the best moments home

At home, while reminiscing on the best cocktails we’ve tasted, we thought - what if crafting a cocktail were as effortless as sharing a great memory with friends?

With that, Unmuddled was born. It requires no blending, straining, or shaking. Pairs well with a variety of spirits and garnishes. Also perfect for sharing, with two drinks per bottle.

Here’s to raising the bar, at home.

HOST TIP ~ Freeze your garnish in ice cubes for a quick and creative garnish that will “wow” your guests.

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Simply mix with spirits
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Elevated cocktails are now exceptional easy. Twist. Pour. Clink. Sip.

Get started below with our favorite recipes, or use them as the inspiration to create your own cocktail masterpiece.

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Bring on the heat

Fiery Pineapple delivers the sweetness of your favorite tropical fruit with a kick of pepper spice. It’s the perfect balance that’s sure to send your taste buds into a tizzy. 

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Cocktails to try

Pair with Tequila or Mezcal to make the best spicy Margarita or rum for a spiced Daiquiri.

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So nice, Try it twice

Spiced Mandarin mixes seamlessly with all spirits and the juiciness of the mandarin pops with every sip, a nostalgic throwback to your favorite speakeasy hideaway.

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Cocktails to try

Pair with vodka for a tasty Mule variation or aged rum or whiskey for more of an Old Fashioned style cocktail.

Cool, zesty, and Light

Refreshing Lemon Mint is the best way to bring a delicious herbal note to your favorite spirits and mix up a classic cocktail in seconds. 

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Cocktails to try

Grab some gin or whiskey to make a delicious Smash variation or with a light rum for a refreshing Mojito.

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Your best memories bottled in Unmuddled moments.

The contemporary cocktail drinker demands a higher level of taste and complexity. Unmuddled’s premium selection of flavors individualizes your home bar, so you can recreate your best cocktail experiences with ease.
Mixology made easy.

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